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Thank you for that amazing quote from Montaigne: "The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself." There's an awful lot of wisdom in those few words. I recently read Coop and Forty Acres Deep. Thanks for the excellent reads. Your well-crafted books written from the heart let the reader in to that inner stuff that Twain talks about. Thanks for your good words and your vulnerability. I am looking forward to reading Montaigne in Barn Boots.

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I have always been fond of the comment- "Honest arrogance is better than false humility" knowing that I have never really believed it- there is something between honest arrogance and false humility that we try to live our lives in every day- I have only been following you for a little over 2 decades- but based on what I know of you, you sometimes slip into false humility- but honest arrogance seems to be a totally stranger to you.

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I have enjoyed so many of your readings. I own and don’t loan several of your books, but encourage or there’s to know you. Since becoming a widow I use your readings as company often while having dinner…today was enjoying lobster gifted by a friend. Thank you

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