Michael Perry's Voice Mail
Michael Perry's Voice Mail
Episode #171 "Self-Deprecation Depreciation"
Episode #171 "Self-Deprecation Depreciation"
...and a naked bowhunter.
The man with the banjo before he took me to task.

Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 171. This one’s available to free and paid subscribers alike. Click the player above to listen.

In this episode I recount how my dear late friend Billy yanked my chain once when it needed yanking (as one’s best friends will), and why that incident wound up in my book about the French philosopher Montaigne. This week’s marginalia is drawn from Mark Twain, and I also reference Apollo and Prince.

Depending on when you receive this, the concert I mention may or may not already be over (it’s happening Sunday, August 6 at 7:30 pm Central), but just in case, here’s a link to the event.

And here’s a link to the ticketed livestream. You can watch from home.

You can find Montaigne in Barn Boots in hardcover, paperbackaudiobook (CD and digital), and Kindle and other ebook versions and all of Mike’s other hardcovers, paperbacks, and audiobooks here at the Sneezing Cow store.

Thank you for listening. It’s nice to visit.

See y’down the road,

He’s not playing the banjo in this one, but it’s among my favorite photos of Billy. Perfectly captures how it was to share the stage—and life—with him.
Apollo as an Archer (Apollo Saettante) / Roman
Apollo the Archer. I usually put pants on before I shoot my bow and arrow.
Five years since this book came out and STILL the academy refuses to acknowledge my contributions to the parsing of classical French philosophy.
Today’s marginalia.
Well, I s’pose…

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Michael Perry's Voice Mail

Michael Perry's Voice Mail

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