Aug 5, 2020 • 11M

Michael Perry's Voice Mail Episode 002

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Michael Perry
The audio version of Michael Perry's weekly "Roughneck Grace" newsletter. In addition to informal news and notes, Mike reaches into the archives and reads one of his "Roughneck Grace" columns aloud.
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Howdy folks:

Welcome to the second full episode of Michael Perry’s Voice Mail. Click the player above to listen.

Included in today’s installment: From his window Mike can see the last of the lilies and reveals his favorite plant name; a teenager picks the onions; what the sheriff found in our pole barn; and, in this episode’s “Roughneck Rewind,” Mike revisits and reflects on one of the most popular pieces he’s ever written…an essay on gratitude.

NOTE FROM MIKE: We plan to release “Voice Mail” once per week to subscribers. The first few are free, and even after we go to a subscription model we’ll release some freebie extras now and then. It’s an informal way for me to visit with folks and share a reading even though I’m not on the road. We’re new at this, so we welcome your comments.

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