Mar 12, 2021Liked by Michael Perry

Burn Barrel Khakis #35 As always, your stories bring a smile and in this instance a familiar item, the burn barrel fork back to mind. The mention of the fork in this story brought back memories of the fine burn barrel fork I fashioned from a discarded fork head (three prong) that put back into honorable service by welding into an equally discarded length of 3/4" galvanized pipe. As you say, burn barrel operation is not a real effort as much as one of fire safety. Sometimes it is more a case of Man, Fire, and being outside just to be outside. I thank you for bringing this memory back to mind.

Mark Olson

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Feb 23, 2021Liked by Michael Perry

Whew! Thank goodness no video of the treadmill exercise. As always a great reading. Jerry and Marian

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