What is “Michael Perry’s Voice Mail” and how do I subscribe?

Once a week, Mike sits down in the little writing room above his garage and records a “Roughneck Rewind” of one of his “Roughneck Grace” columns, or a passage from one of his many books, then comments and reflects on the piece: what has changed, what never changes, how he might feel differently about the piece after the passage of time, or just some goofy observation that occurs to him in the process. It’s a relaxed recording, usually 6-8 minutes long, and quietly shows up in your email In Box. You just click to listen.

Mike has also begun recording “Ask Mike” episodes, accepting subscriber questions and answering one or two of them per month. He doesn’t prep or script his answers, thus recreating the feel of the hundreds of real live Q&A sessions he’s done over the years.

This is a subscription-based newsletter, but there is a free option. For details, click the button below (it says “Subscribe” but you’ll be able to review your options first—including a free subscription that gives you a sampling while you decide whether you wish to subscribe and get full access).

You can also visit the “Voice Mail” website. Scroll through, several of the episodes are free (just look for the ones that don’t show the little padlock icon).

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