What is “Michael Perry’s Voice Mail” and how do I subscribe?

I loved to read so much I could do it while napping.

Once a week, New York Times bestselling author Michael Perry sits down in the little writing room above his garage and records a voice mail version of one of his “Roughneck Grace” columns, or a passage from one of his 20-plus books, or shares a passage from a book or a song that’s not out yet, or goes on an unscripted ramble about how things are going behind the scenes (including photos) and then reflects on things in general.

NEW: Each episode now includes “Mike’s Marginalia.” Marginalia are the little notes we make while reading a book. Sometimes in the margin, sometimes between the lines, sometimes on a separate scrap of paper, sometimes in a journal, or—more and more frequently, in Mike’s case—electronically in an eBook.

“Over the years I’ve created miles and miles of marginalia…and revisited only a fraction of them (it?). This gives me an excuse to dig through the bookshelves and book stacks and refresh my mind. Maybe learn something. Or more likely, re-learn something. And share it with listeners.” - Mike

“Michael Perry’s Voice Mail” is a relaxed recording, usually 6-12 minutes long. It quietly shows up in your email In Box. You just click to listen.

This is a subscription-based project, but there is a free option. For details, click the button below (it says “Subscribe” but you’ll be able to review your options first—including a free subscription that gives you a sampling while you decide whether you wish to subscribe and get full access).

You can also visit the “Voice Mail” website. Scroll through, several of the episodes are free (just look for the ones that don’t show the little padlock icon).

If you’d like to know when Mike has a new book out, or when he’s performing (as a speaker and solo humorist, or with his band the Long Beds) in your area, please consider signing up for the Sneezing Cow mailing list.

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Forty years later, still likes books and naps.

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An audio and text mix of low-key news, notes, behind the scenes photos, and a "Roughneck Reflection" from New York Times bestselling author Michael Perry of SneezingCow.com--think of it as a voice mail from a friend.


Michael Perry is a New York Times bestselling author, humorist, playwright, and radio show host from New Auburn, Wisconsin. Online at SneezingCow.com