Jan 19, 2021 • 6M

Episode #30 "Mercy"

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The audio version of Michael Perry's weekly "Roughneck Grace" newsletter. In addition to informal news and notes, Mike reaches into the SneezingCow.com archives and reads one of his "Roughneck Grace" columns aloud.
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“Montaigne and the Quality of Mercy”

Howdy folks:

Welcome to the Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 30. This one’s free for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Click the player above to listen.

Included in today’s installment: Mike thanks readers and listeners for their notes and emails. In fact, it was a reader who suggested this episode’s “Roughneck Rewind,” in which Mike revisits and reflects on an essay about mercy from the book Peaceful Persistence.

You can listen to the Mary Gauthier song “Mercy Now” right here.

Mike also wrote a book about Montaigne. And the Peaceful Persistence shirts are out there...

Thank you, everyone.

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