Dec 23, 2020 • 7M

Episode #26 "Christmas Tree Kids"

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Michael Perry
The audio version of Michael Perry's weekly "Roughneck Grace" newsletter. In addition to informal news and notes, Mike reaches into the archives and reads one of his "Roughneck Grace" columns aloud.
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Our 2014 Christmas tree. Tan-tan in a bucket. We were house-sitting in the Virgin Islands. Tough gig.

Howdy folks:

Welcome to the Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 26. This one’s free to all, and to all a good night. Click the player above to listen.

Included in today’s installment: Mike doesn’t mention it, but he knows he really oughta hook up the snowplow. In this episode’s “Roughneck Rewind,” Mike revisits and reflects on a piece he often shares this time of year, about how he went from Christmas-tree-free to leading the bucksaw charge.

The essay originally appeared in the book From the Top, currently on sale here and available as an audiobook here and pretty much everywhere else audiobooks are available.

It’s been a daunting year. I (Mike when not speaking in third person) take nothing for granted. Least of all readers and listeners. I thank you, and my family thanks you.


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