Michael Perry's Voice Mail
Michael Perry's Voice Mail
Episode #168: "Back To Books"
Episode #168: "Back To Books"
...with thunder.
Gonna see what she can teach me.

Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 168. This one’s available to free and paid subscribers alike. Click the player above to listen.

I wrote this up as a fresh “Roughneck Grace” essay. Then I recorded it during a thunderstorm. The plan was to talk about turning back to books. Which I did. But I also invoked pigeons, ping-pong balls, and parkour. I then veered into a light consideration of queasy unease. After a few other meanders, I wrapped it up by revisiting some marginalia from my copies (yes, plural, as I explain in the recording) of this book:

One for reading, one for scribbling.
Poets cut to the chase.
Life and death lessons.

In today’s recording I also make passing reference to a song I find deeply moving—“If Christopher Calls,” by Foy Vance.

As ever, folks, I take neither your time nor your attention for granted. I hope that comes through. Thank you for listening in today. Barring the Great Unexpected (it’s actually completely expected, just never sure when), I’ll sit down in the little room above the garage here and record another one next week. Meanwhile, all the books and things are here.

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And finally, finally, several years ago I met this fellow in a coffee shop. He was drawing little pictures. He has done amazing things since.

Okey-doke. See y’down the road,

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Michael Perry's Voice Mail

Michael Perry's Voice Mail

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