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Episode #157 "On The Road Again"

...not to be pedantic, but...

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The audio version of Michael Perry's weekly "Roughneck Grace" newsletter. In addition to informal news and notes, Mike reaches into the SneezingCow.com archives and reads one of his "Roughneck Grace" columns aloud.
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Early days…
Recent days.

Howdy folks:

Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 157. This one’s available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Click the player above to listen.

Included in today’s installment: Soon to speak at a writer’s conference and then do a show with his band, Mike talks about how he came to have a band in the first place, how his first-ever show went, and how things have gone since. Also included: The best musical advice he ever received (from a two-time Grammy winner). Then he closes with the essay, “Roadworthy,” about being on the road in a band in a van in a traffic jam.

That kid…is my kid.

Below is a brief clip from a recent show (watch Mike very professionally smack his mouth on the microphone but just keep rollin’) (link also here):

Music video of a song Mike wrote for his daughters.

Music video for the song “Forty Acres Deep.” (A title Mike used again for this book).

Here’s video from an in-studio Long Beds set recorded for PBS five years ago.

Band photo outtake from around 2007. That’s the truck from Truck in the background.

Today’s essay is from the book Peaceful Persistence. (Also still selling well, these Peaceful Persistence shirts...including this book/shirt combo deal.)

And thanks again for the ongoing response to the newest book.

See y’down the road!

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