Oct 30, 2022 • 7M

Episode #129: A Quiet Halloween

...passing on the pumpkin.

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The audio version of Michael Perry's weekly "Roughneck Grace" newsletter. In addition to informal news and notes, Mike reaches into the SneezingCow.com archives and reads one of his "Roughneck Grace" columns aloud.
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Brother John on left, me on right. The hair was dyed sheepskin scraps mom got somewhere—probably in the fabric store bargain bin. Realize as I write this caption I’m not even sure this was Halloween—note the candy cane Christmas pencils. They had little elf heads at the eraser end. I can tell by the exposed studs and heating ducts in the background that dad was remodeling the house for the first time, as there were many more of us urchins inbound.

Howdy folks:

Welcome to the Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 129. This one’s available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Click the player above to listen.

This was supposed to be the monthly “ramble” episode. Then I remembered I had written a piece about Halloween in 2017. So I read that and also did a mini-ramble expanding on the essay and the photos below. I also reveal why—for me—this Halloween will be a quiet—but happy—one.

(The Halloween essay is from the book Million BillionThe paperbackKindle and other ebook versions, as well as all of Mike’s other hardcovers, paperbacks, and audiobooks are here at the Sneezing Cow store.)

Grandpa. He’d just sit there. So creepy. Late stage of dad’s 30-year house remodeling project, paneling now up but stickers still on windows.
Grandpa, same corner as photo above, pre-paneling. Probably his third costume change. I have no idea what he’s supposed to be, but stuffing grass up your nose is a commitment.
2009. Was unduly proud of this one. Went dressed as the International Harvester logo.
Favorite small town Halloween memory and possibly proudest moment as a parent. Sending the kids in to trick-or-treat in the tavern, cuz they give out the full-size candy bars.
Me (L) and my cousin posing in front of the ping pong table. I have never been cooler.
My daughters and some of their school friends stopping to see neighbor Tom (of the book Visiting Tom).
This wasn’t Halloween, this was just the 1980s.

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